10 Reasons Taxis are the Best Transport Option

With so many transportation options in Brighton it can be difficult picking the right way to travel. To help you make your decision, we’ve compiled this list of reasons a taxi might be your best bet.


Taking a taxi is not as expensive as you think. This one applies especially if you’re heading to the airport. With parking at Gatwick costing from £45 per day it really doesn’t make sense to drive yourself down! And while a train may be cheaper for a single traveller it tends to add up for those travelling in groups.

Reliable and Direct

Taxis provide travellers with reliability and a direct door to door service; something that trains or buses can’t do. A taxi will ensure you get to exactly where you’re going so you don’t have to worry about getting lost or missing your train connection!


This is something that you can’t always count on when taking public transport, especially if you’re travelling alone, at night or in an unfamiliar place. In a licensed taxi you can rest assured that you will get to where you’re going safely.

 Comfortable and Private

No matter how you look at it, a taxi is much more comfortable than a bus or a train. For one thing, you’re guaranteed a seat! You also experience much more of the privacy you could expect in your own car when you’re not surrounded by other people.


Taking a taxi is also more of a personal experience. Again, eliminating public transport crowds is one thing that ensures this. If you’re travelling to an unfamiliar part of a city or country, a taxi driver can help you to navigate and make local recommendations based on your conversations.

 Night Out

Taking a taxi is an easy way to make sure your night starts and ends well. It means no one has to be a designated driver so everyone can enjoy their night without worrying about having a drink.

 24 hours

This applies to nights out as well. Most public transport stops running at 1 or 2 in the morning and potential lifts might be sleeping. If you find yourself stranded in the early hours of the morning taxis are available 24 hours and whilst they may be more expensive, they will get you home safely.

Stress Free

Wherever you’re going, be it to the airport, a job interview or a meeting, quite often daily life poses enough stress without the added worry of how you’ll get from A to B. With a taxi this element of stress is removed from your journey so you have time to deal with the really important things.


Booking a taxi means there’s no waiting in the cold and rain at a bus stop or on a platform. Whatever the weather, a taxi will make sure you get to your destination comfortable and dry!


If you’re travelling with luggage a taxi makes sense. Why pile your bags onto a crowded train or bus when it’s so easy to pack them into a car? With a taxi you can book a car that will be sure to suit your needs and make your journey so much smoother.

Obviously we think taxis are the best way to travel. Book your next journey with us online or call us at 01273 55-55-55 and we’ll show you why!

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